Q: How would you describe your career, up to this point? A: Much of my work has been involved in the practical creative arts of marketing, product development, or commercial graphics. For me, it comes together at the strategic level when the many disciplines of marketing have to be orchestrated and planned.

I have a good working knowledge of all the sub-disciplines involved in marketing: copywriting, publicity, packaging, graphics, advertising, media, product selection or development, sales promotion, direct marketing, etc.

My entrepreurial experience enables me to understand how a business works from a senior level, the level where the buck stops. As a result I feel comfortable working with so-called "C" class executives.

My work experience is a vital part of my life experience. Work has taken me into many places, environments and locations which I would never have ventured into otherwise. I’ve been in boardrooms, factories, tiny offices, large corporate buildings, high-rise towers, restaurants, bars, clubs, exhibition halls and many other places as part of my work experience.

Within these environments many forms of human activities take place, many of which are unique. For example, what people do in a trade show environment is usually intense and specialized to that experience, either as exhibitor or attendee.

Many of these lessons have to do with accumulating street-sense. Each work environment has its own interactive gestalt, and each has taught me much about the ways people behave and relate to one another, and me with them.

Many of these lessons had to do with accumulation of practical know-how. During my career I have accumulated many skills, which can be roughly organized into the categories of art, craft, computer, business analysis, marketing strategy and marketing disciplines.

Over the last five years, I've been interested in finding a central pattern in this range of experience, so that I can better focus my skill, talent and sense of mission toward the creation something beautiful, useful or notable.