Summary: I am best at conceptualizing, strategizing and planning the development and marketing of products and services, even entire businesses. I'm interested in combining traditional marketing methods with online techniques to inprove branding power, reach and effectiveness.

I am creative, computer-literate, a quick study, and have a well-rounded background.

My creative, marketing and executive skills sit atop a foundation of training in Industrial Design and a lifetime of practical experience in the trenches. I've owned or partnered in several small businesses myself and deeply appreciate the enormous amount of skill and hard work it takes to grow an enterprise or manage an effective organization of any kind.

I am short on finance and mathematical skills. I am not comfortable cold calling and opening doors, but am quite good at selling one on one, and in high-level presentations.

I am strong in analytical, conceptual, planning and creative skills. As owner, consultant and employee, I’ve delivered professional work in a broad range of creative and marketing disciplines.

Details: Nearly 23 years of experience have taught me many technical, conceptualizing and marketing skills. These skills cluster within sets as follows:

Client Relations
Advertising & Promotion
Structure & Materials
Digital Literacy
Market Research


Management Skills
Asa consultant and freelancer, I’ve worked with many groups and organizations. I have experience managing people, developing strategies and making projects work within organizations,

My management skills include:

Business planning
Corporate finance and structure
Developing procedures
Information management
Information systems design
Integrating systems
Managing creative talent
People-related skills include:
Personal counseling
Project management
Quick Study
Strategic planning

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Marketing Skills
Not long after I graduated from Pratt Institute, I found myself in Los Angeles, without many contacts. I began making ends meet with free-lancing and remained an independent design consultant for many years. During this period I was given many exciting, challenging assignments. Over time, I realized that design is only one spoke in the bigger wheel which is marketing.

I eagerly took on any new assignment which helped me stretch into any new aspect of marketing - even if it was far afield from my training. I learned much about market research, media buying, public relations and many other disciplines, by interacting with professionals and working directly in these fields for clients. I found that I enjoyed planning and the devising of strategy more than anything else, a focus which has driven much of my career. My marketing skills include:

Account management
Advertising layout and design
Art direction
Client interviewing and information gathering
Client management
Competitive analysis
Concept development
Corporation and product positioning
Creative direction
Data analysis
Data synthesis, i.e., research to recommendations
Direct mail package development
Live event production and direction
Market research
Market research survey design
Marketing analysis
Marketing campaign strategic planning
Marketing communications, general
Media buying
Media planning
Name development, corporate and product
Packaging conceptualizing
Pattern recognition
Presentation skills
Product concept development
Research compilation and analysis
TV storyboarding
Visual, verbal and written communication skills
Website architecture

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Client Relations and Management
As a consultant my survival depended on having good sales and client management skills. These are significant and useful abilities. My client management skills include

Account management
Client interviewing and information gathering
Competitive analysis
Project direction
Visual, verbal and written communication

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Advertising and Promotion
During a portion of the 1980’s I was a partner in an advertising firm. This experience refined many of my fundamental skills, and taught me many new advertising-related skills. I worked on campaign planning, market research, award-winning television and radio commercials, consumer packaging, much print advertising and a great deal of collateral material. Some of the skills in this set include

Advertising Layout And Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Corporation And Product Positioning
Direct Marketing
Marketing Communications
Media Buying
Media Planning
Name Development
Packaging Development
Product Conceptualizing
Product and Corporate Positioning
POS and Merchandising Materials
TV Storyboarding

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Design Skills
I've been an artist or designer in some manner all my life, even as a child. Over the last 40 or so years I have developed many design and applied arts skills, both for professional use and for my own fine arts interests. In childhood, I was trained privately in drawing and watercolor. In secondary school, I took art, printing, and mechanical drawing due to a high level of interest in these fields.

At age 8, I asked my father what I should do as a grownup. He suggested that I become an Industrial Designer, which I did many years later by completing four years of training at New York’s Pratt Institute.

Over the years, I have built on the design skills learned at Pratt and have delivered professional work in the following fields of practical design:

Automotive Design (limited)
Brochure Design And Layout
Catalog Layout And Design
Direct Mail Package Design
Direction Of Studio Photography
Exhibit Design,
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
POS Systems: Layout And Design
Product Design and Development

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Knowledge of Structure and Materials
I've always been curious about how things are made, how materials work, and how structures function. After Pratt I developed an interest in manufacturing methods and techniques. I’ve toured many factories and learned much about basic manufacturing processes - some in great detail. Over the years I’ve developed knowledge and skills in these subjects:

Manufacturing processes, methods and techniques
Properties of commercial materials
Technical research
Three-dimensional structure

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During the late-70’s I was under contract as the General Manager of a highly regarded boutique multi-media production company. During this phase, I sold, produced, directed or worked on corporate presentations for Hughes Helicopter, Nakamichi, Vivitar Corporation, AT&T and others. Some of the skills developed in this period include:

Art direction
Concept development
Live event production
Studio photography

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Writing Skills
One of the most significant experiences of my life was the year I spent as a child in an English “public school." It was an intensive year of hard work under the demanding yet skilled tutelage of several superb teachers. Skill in writing takes a long time to develop, but this single extraordinary year, and life in an academic family, provided me with a good foundation. I have delivered professional work in these types of business writing

Book authoring (wrote a book for a client)
Brochure, collateral and catalog copy
Business plans
Corporate finance memorandums
Direct mail copy
Market research analysis/reporting
Multi-media, TV, and radio scripts
Print advertising
Publicity releases

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Digital Literacy
I began using computers in college, to design musical instruments and communication translation systems. My first microcomputer was the IMSAI microcomputer - the first assembled microcomputer available after the historic Altair. I’ve used personal computers professionally for writing, graphics and three-dimensional design, data analysis, communications, information management, financial planning and projections, and personally for correspondence, fine art and entertainment.

As a manager I rely on those with highly developed expertise for critical projects. However on the "way up" I've developed proficiency in:

Studio Pro

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Market Research
My design training was based partly on the notion that solid research could prevent the recurrence of past mistakes and would form a solid platform for product and technology innovation. I’ve used this awareness over the years to develop skills in market research. Applications have included both original field research as well as extensive secondary research to drive the development of advertising campaigns, product naming and even new product conceptualizing.

Data Analysis
Data Synthesis, i.e., converting research into recommendations
Market Research Survey Design
Marketing Analysis
Pattern Recognition, i.e., converting data into information
Research Compilation And Analysis

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Sales Skills
A key to surviving in the creative field is the ability to present and sell new ideas. Over the years I‘ve developed skill and proficiency in this area. I especially enjoy presenting complex or innovative ideas to senior executives and clients. I’ve been told that I have “boardroom presence” - with a creative flair.

More specifically these selling and presentation skills include:
Background “homework” on client
Client Observation and Listening
Concept Presentation and Salesmanship
Fee Negotiation
Persuasion and Salesmanship, general
Planning and Preparation of presentation graphics, props, prototype and samples

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