Q: What is your personal definition of "Work"?
A: Work is one’s mission. It is the thing you must do. In the ideal sense, work is the gift you get to play with every day. It consists of all the activities which arise, inevitably, from your personal talents, skills and sense of mission.

Good work is pure enjoyment. It is something you might even pay to be allowed to do. Ideally, one finds work that matches one's values, energy, training and inclination.

The best work is that which allows you to connect to your own passion, because both employer and employed find the greatest match of needs and capability and the results produce excellence, quality, and innovation.
“I am convinced that we are most likely to touch something universal when each of us speaks personally and witnesses to the sliver of truth we have refined from our individual experience.”
– Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly
At work. As the craftsman in this cover shot, I am shown sawing a slice of veneer the thickness of a business card out of 6" seasoned oak. For several years, I designed and built solid hardwood furniture, and loved working with wood and tools.

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