Toward a Better Future
Image 9 x 13 1/2

One of 10 in a collection of "Art for Healing" images selected by the Foundation for Photo/Art
Florence , Italy

Sold July 2009 $350 (framed)


Image 12 x 18

The lyrical performance ectasy of a "baladi" performer converts a drab background into a place of power, warmth and primal joy

Sold July 2009 $500

A selection of critical comments about Eric’s work:

“Eric Olson’s photographs are not unfamiliar. Like a dream, he harnesses our surroundings and infuses them with a fascinating brilliance. Always highly polished and well balanced, his compositions deliver a sense of visual perfection that is inherent in the natural scenes he captures.

Mr. Olson has a career history of graphic balance and compositional design. From this perspective, he has the vision of both a candid photographer and an insatiable explorer. His scenes are decadent - rich with texture, they approach us like a moment of déjà vu - a familiar scene we have never met before, a reconnection with past moments that have gone unnoticed but were there all along.

Anna M. Foglia – independent art curator, Santa Fe, NM
“Through his lens, Eric Olson finds hidden art in the world, exploring its detailed and often poetic beauty. Each photograph he takes is a creative event – a vehicle for the mysteries of his subconscious mind and an opportunity to flirt with pure forms, symbols and metaphors. Wherever the location, in his photographs the world appears greater and more wonderful than what it really is – a creative imagination harnessed by intelligent life-skills. At their best, these images look like parables, returning us – for as long as we give our becalmed thoughts to the photographs – to a place where we seem to remember how we once were contented.”

Victoria Vivero, artist, publisher, gallerist and art advisor, Kingdom of Bahrain
“I find myself lingering in the world of Eric Olson, a visual feast that can make time stand still as you engage his art and it in turn engages you. On this flat paper surface he presents a composition of colors and textures from the real world…they are not manipulated, they are not computer tricks, they are what he sees and what he feels.

We can slip across these surfaces, stroke the textures, feel the heat and cool on our skin, and simply enjoy the images. Eric does not ask us to deeply penetrate and search behind these images for more. What he shows us is what he wants us to see. “

Alan Kruger Chack– Artist and Architect (ret), Mifflintown, PA
“Eric Olson re-defines "Renaissance Man" in the realm of photography. His illuminating work celebrates the world around him and explores every facet of life's miracle, from the detailed whorls in a humble piece of wood to the explosion of joy in a whirling dancer. He takes viewers on an intimate journey into the heart and soul of living, inviting them to experience every evocative emotion visually: the determination of a tiny plant clinging to a parched Caribbean windowsill…the noble arch of an architectural detail….the joy of love and the magical qualities that makes the world all around us so seductive.

Tracey Meloni – Arts Journalist and Collector, Harrisburg, PA
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