Abstract Image

Archival 12-color Inkjet • Image size: 12" x 18"
Limited Edition of 5 plus 3 A/P
Arquati hand-finished moulding, UV glazing, 4 mm mat and archival materials

  Eric Olson New Work

"Hope was originally meant as a study in color and composition. However, as I studied it more closely I realized that just before the image was captured, my subconscious had been drawn to the little plant, and that the image signified much more than a composition.

The little plant is in a hot, almost hostile enviroment, yet it persists, it survives. It pushes ever upwards, reaching toward the light. The plants leaves seem like hands raised in supplication, almost radiating a joy in it's own existence.

We sent a print of this to a friend being treated for cancer, who placed it near her bedside. She tell us that it gave her feelings of hope and optimism each day during her treatment and recovery. Not that we claim any connection but there is good news: she's now in complete remission." – Eric Olson

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