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Antigua Breeze Scarf
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Eric Olson: Artist Statement

In a world of turmoil and stress, it seems more important than ever to provide an antidote. My work is based on the idea that art can help by presenting moments of great beauty that allow the viewer’s mind to rest, relax, and refresh.

The goal is to create images based on the beauty in the world around us. If the works are successful, it’s viewers remember that the world has a lot going for it, that beauty and peace exist, and is often there for the asking: you just have to look. The work is done in both realistic (figurative) and abstract (contemporary art) ways.

In the traditional photographs, the point is to freeze moments in time forever. These images express sudden insights or flashes of color or pattern or meaning - anything that reveals the literal beauty in our world. Here is a gallery of these works.

In the abstract works, the process is carried a step further through a process called “Transformations.” Beginning with original photographs, and working with sophisticated digital software, the color is pushed around, stretched, twirled, expanded and almost finger-painted until it has lost all literal cues, and has become transformed into a pure expression of feeling. Because the color palette is never changed, it is a way of re-presenting the world. Here are some of my Transformations.

As another way of sharing these visions, transformation images are digitally printed onto 100% silk hand-hemmed scarves, creating wearable art that comes even more alive by moving with the wearer. These scarves are often sold in support of a charity or worthy cause, which amplifies the feeling of doing something positive, for both the buyer and the artist. Here is one of my scarves.

Deep Ocean
20 x 30" Fuji Crystal Archive Print mounted on Dibond, under 1/8" acrylic laminated glazing
Limited Edition of 5

Available at Brath & Hughes, Mechanicsburg, PA